Why Austrian Economics Is on the Rise


Are you familiar with the GoldNewsletter podcast? They boast over 200 episodes on the topics of investment, economics, and geopolitics.

This week host Fergus Hodgson interviewed Monetary Metals’ Relationship Manager Dickson Buchanan, inquiring why interest in Austrian Economics is on the rise. Hodgson stated,


My fear is that we have a cart-before-the-horse scenario.  Where people like the conclusions of let’s say, limited government, private property, hostility toward central banks. Those conclusions are very attractive to many of us.

Is the cart pulling the horse in terms of the conclusions attracting the people, rather than the actual economic logic and history that would justify those conclusions?


Listen to Dickson’s response as well as the full audio below. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunesYouTubeSoundCloud, or Spotify.



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