Larry Parks interviews Keith Weiner

Larry Parks is Executive Director of Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education. Some of the topics covered in this interview include:

  • What isn’t the problem with the Fed and the dollar?
  • Forget about the spin, what is the real purpose of the Fed?
  • What does it do to labor?
  • What does it do to capital?
  • Effect of falling interest rates
  • What does it do to the culture?
  • Can’t the Fed just raise rates?
  • Is there hyperinflation occurring right now, unnoticed?
  • Is ZIRP helpful or detrimental for ordinary working people.
  • What is the remedy for fixing our monetary system?
  • What is the problem with debt never being extinguished?
  • How does fiat money play out in the end?
  • Explain about the marginal utility/productivity of debt in lay terms

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