Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 1 June, 2014

This week was a shortened week due to Memorial Day on Monday, but those four days must have seemed eternity for silver speculators. The gold price dropped all week, but the $30 out of $41 of the fall occurred on Tuesday. The silver price dropped 40 cents on Tuesday and 17 cents on Friday, down [...]

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  1. Greg Jaxon says:

    The multi-year chart begs for extensive analysis. For instance 2012’s trades in 2014 contracts seemed to signal fears of a coming scarcity of trade-able gold. Indeed each year offers up a unique structure in the 2-year futures spread. Just fascinating, and hard to express in laymans’ terms. Keep at this work, Keith – your insights are without rivals in the gold blogosphere.

  2. jtibbs says:

    Hi Keith,
    How far back can you chart the multi-year Basis/CoBasis trends for gold & silver? It would be interesting to see the changes from 2000; especially leading up to, and after, 2008.

    Thank you,

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