Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 19 Apr, 2015

The price of gold went sideways this week, while that of silver fell 20 cents. For those waiting for The Big Dollar Collapse, i.e. the gold price to skyrocket, it may seem like watching paint dry right now. Or maybe watching the grass grow. Or even waiting for a pot of water to boil. Gold [...]

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  1. miamonaco says:


    Given that gold is more backwardated now than in November, wouldn’t it generally be safe to say, everything else being equal, if gold swooned below $1100 this summer, that the resulting backwardation would likely be strong?


  2. Greg Jaxon says:

    “[T]hese things could unleash the unwashed masses to try to front-run demand by buying gold in front of these supposedly price-insensitive buyers-at-any-cost.”

    Feeling brutal are we?

    Seriously though: I notice that many other, far more likely, headlines in the collapsing-fiat story are missing from your “Things” list. Is that because you’ve concluded that the short- (maybe even medium-) term prospect is that these (Grexit, et al) events will drive up the dollar’s “price”?

  3. bronsuchecki says:

    The other interesting thing from this fix data is how low the volume has been, only 3 or 4 tonnes traded – $150m. Not highly liquid and probably all mining company selling (3.5t x 505 fixes a year = 1768t), that could be a positive factor, shows we don’t have massive investor liquidations going on, which accords with what Perth Mint is seeing – selling is over, those that have bought are sitting tight, but there is just no new buyers coming into the market.

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