The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure

Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure

Leading up to November’s Gold and Alternative Investments Conference, Event Founder Kerry Stevenson picked Keith Weiner’s brain on the following topics:

    • What is fiat currency and why is it bound to fail?
    • The decline of dollar purchasing power
    • Money versus credit and why you need to understand the current issues
    • What the implications are for modern society
    • If people want to take their marbles & go home, what does that look like?
    • Warren Buffet’s recent investment into gold
    • Do you trust the system as you watch the debt going up exponentially?
    • Price of gold measured in dollars? In 1913 $1USD was worth 1500 milligrams of gold and now it’s roughly only 16 milligrams.
    • Where does the purchasing power comes from amid a speculator’s market?

Stevenson stated, “Keith has a unique way of unpacking the global economic challenges in an easy to understand way, and sometimes that will challenge your current thinking. Listen through to the end as Keith unpacks where we may be heading in today’s low interest rate & highly indebted world.”



If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to check out their followup conversation, recorded a few days later. The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure, Part 2.

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