The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure, Part 2

Dollar Cancer pt2

This interview between Kerry Stevenson of the GAIC & Monetary Metals CEO Keith Weiner is the followup to a recent post, The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure. Stevenson is the Founder of the Gold and Alternative Investments Conference coming up in November.

This time around, they cover the following topics:

    • Why consuming capital is finite
    • Why interest rates have been going down since 1981 and why that will have an end date.
    • What are the hidden forces of economics in favor of salvation not destruction? Is gold part of the solution?
    • Is fiat monetary system failing? And if so, what next?
    • The difference between a gold bond and a gold BACKED gold bond.
    • Lastly, Keith unpacks the history of money and why some things will never change unless the incentives are there




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