July, 2016

The Dollar Is Going to 1/10,000 Ounce, Report 31 July, 2016

The price of gold was up about thirty bucks this week. The price of silver was up almost seventy cents. Last week, a reader reminded us that in the long run the dollar is going to zero. He said: “At some point in time, unknown to me, the futures market for gold/silver will collapse… and […]

Gold is Not Going to $10000, Report 24 July, 2016

The prices of the metals were down again this week, -$15 in gold and more substantially -$0.57 in silver. Stories continued to circulate this week, hitting even the mainstream media. Apparently gold is going to be priced at $10,000. Jump on the bandwagon now, while it’s still cheap and a bargain at a mere $1,322! […]

Johns Fleeing a Burning Whorehouse, Report 17 July, 2016

The prices of the metals were down this week, -$29 in gold and -$0.05 in silver. However, the gold to silver ratio dropped another fraction of a point. Keith was on a panel this week at FreedomFest, when the moderator asked the panelists for their view about the price of gold. Unsurprisingly, this being a […]

Monetary Metals Closes First Gold Fixed-Income Deal at 5%

FREEDOMFEST LAS VEGAS, Nev., July 15, 2016—At FreedomFest, Monetary Metals announces that it has closed its first gold fixed-income deal, to finance the gold working inventory of Valaurum. The initial amount of gold meets Valaurum’s current needs, with room for expansion driven by its growth. The interest rate is 5 percent of the gold, paid […]

Yin and Yang

During gold’s bear market from 2011, the flow of gold out of ETFs drove the popularity of the West to East narrative not just among goldbugs but also bullion market professionals. It was a life raft I suppose that many clung to, to find hope as the price relentlessly fell, notwithstanding how much gold was […]

A Sense of Foreboding, Report 10 July, 2016

This was a shortened week, due to the American holiday of July 4, celebrating the start of the war that lead to “Amexit”, 240 years ago. The prices of the metals were up this week, +$25 in gold and +$0.48 in silver. The gold to silver ratio dropped a fraction of a point, showing that […]

Silver OMG, Report 3 July, 2016

On Wednesday through Friday, the price of silver spiked massively. It ended the week about $2 higher than the previous week. The last time we recall silver price action like this was about 3 years ago, in August 2013. That one week, the price rose about $2.50. Before that was a week in August 2012, […]