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How to Invest in Gold Better than Ray Dalio

To listen to the audio version of this article click here Ray Dalio made waves earlier this year when he acknowledged that Bridgewater bought an undisclosed amount of bitcoin. In a recent interview, however, Dalio made it clear that his love for gold is still greater. “If you put a gun to my head, and […]

Stay Away From Gold?!?

Forbes Senior Contributor Larry Light penned an opinion piece this week titled “Stay the Hell Away From Gold”. As you can imagine, he took a strong position on whether or not purchasing gold right now is a good idea. Spoiler Alert: he’s against it. His argument boils down to this: gold is volatile, and while […]

Why Did JP Morgan Say “Money is Gold, Nothing Else”?

There’s a story about JP Morgan and Andrew Carnegie, from the Panic of 1873. Carnegie was a client of the Morgans, with $50,000 on deposit plus some stocks. After selling his $10,000 interest in a railroad, Carnegie supposedly came by the office to pick up a check for $60,000. To his surprise, JP Morgan handed […]