Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 29 June, 2014

Viewed from our stable perch on a boat tossing in the stormy dollar seas, the lighthouse that is gold went up 1 meter dollar. Silver went up 5 inches cents. The fireworks of last week did not recur this week. We will look at how the fundamentals of supply and demand changed this week… First, [...]

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  1. grahamn says:

    Wow – I’ve been reading these posts on and off for a while now, and I’ve got to say, that you’ve finally perfected your art of saying absolutely nothing intelligible in a post and completely failing to reach any conclusion whatsoever…


  2. James Linnstrom says:

    Thank you for the amazing report!!! Your analysis is so helpful for silver and gold investors.

    I also appreciate the humor of this update. 🙂 I certainly have crashed myself into rocks several times. This website is the lighthouse in a dark, stormy sea of precious metals investing.

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