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Interest on Gold Is the New Tempest in a Teapot

Zero Hedge published an article on Canadian Bullion Services (CBS) last week. Other sites ran similar articles. The common thread through these articles, and in the user comments section, is that CBS is committing criminal fraud. Or, if not, then it’s a conspiracy by the Canadian government to confiscate gold. Terms like fractional reserve and […]

How Can the State Bank of India Pay Interest in Gold?

An article caught my eye this week. The Tirumala Tirupati Temple in India has deposited gold at the State Bank of India, and is getting paid interest on their deposit. There is something unique about this. The interest is paid in gold. To understand why no one else is paying interest in gold, let’s first […]

Would Gold Bugs Make Sense?

It Wouldn’t Make Sense Not to A gold bug argues it would not make sense for the Fed not to manipulate the gold price: If gold isn’t suppressed, then the Fed would be leaving it to trade in an open and transparent market Banks can short-sell with impunity because if they take losses they can […]