Monetary Metals Wins Analysis Award

Best News and Analysis Provider

Bullion.Directory recently concluded voting for it’s annual Bullion Dealer of the Year Awards, with categories like Best Coin & Numismatics Company and Best Gold E-Commerce Company. This year, Monetary Metals was included in the  “Best News and Analysis Provider” shortlist and then voted into the finals.

And the Winner Is…

We are pleased to announce that Monetary Metals is the winner in the “Best News and Analysis Provider” category for 2023!

With over 1,600+ companies competing, 72 shortlisted, 36 Finalists, and 36,285 Votes, Bullion Directory named 6 winners, with Monetary Metals taking home the “Best News and Analysis Provider” award for 2023!

Money Metals Exchange, a company that leases precious metals from clients of Monetary Metals, won the “Best Gold E-Commerce Company” award for 2023.

Why Monetary Metals?

Below are some of the reasons listed for why Monetary Metals won the award:

When Monetary Metals approached us last year and asked if we’d consider republishing some of their analysis on our news pages, I’ll not lie – I did a little dance around the office! I don’t use the word legendary often but for once I’ll dust it off and say that Mr Weiner and his take on metals investments is that very thing: Legendary.” Alison Macdonald, Commercial Editor for Bullion.Directory

Get the Best Market News and Analysis

If you’re looking for top-tier market news and analysis, without the perma-bull hype or fear-mongering, you’ve come to the right place.

Monetary Metals provides free analysis of the most important trends happening in markets, economics, and the precious metals space.

Get access to long-form interviews with experts on precious metals, geopolitics, and more on the Gold Exchange Podcast with CEO Keith Weiner.

Or check out our brand-new weekly podcast “Debased” with Jeff Deist, and learn about what is happening to our money and where we go from here every Friday afternoon.

You can read our entire catalog of economics research, enjoy access to proprietary charts and data, and get our field guides and white papers sent directly to your inbox for free!

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and weekly newsletter to stay up to date on the latest breaking news happening in the markets and how to protect yourself.

Want to talk with us about our Gold Fixed Income products? Schedule a call with a Relationship Manager today!

Additional Resources for Earning Interest on Gold

If you’d like to learn more about how to earn interest on gold with Monetary Metals, check out the following resources:

The New Way to Hold Gold

The New Way to Hold Gold

In this paper we look at how conventional gold holdings stack up to Monetary Metals Investments, which offer a Yield on Gold, Paid in Gold®. We compare retail coins, vault storage, the popular ETF – GLD, and mining stocks against Monetary Metals’ True Gold Leases.






Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios

The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios

Adding gold to a diversified portfolio of assets reduces volatility and increases returns. But how much and what about the ongoing costs? What changes when gold pays a yield? This paper answers those questions using data going back to 1972.


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